10 Photos for Decorating a Modern Master Bedroom

Raised Furniture

One thing you’ll see a lot of on midcentury contemporary furniture are legs, particularly metal hairpin or simple wood dowel legs. The raised profile of MCM furnishings is particular of the airy openness of the design and makes these pieces specifically appropriate to little spaces. This bedroom from Emily Henderson shows off a quintessentially midcentury modern cabinet.

Brilliant Accents

While a subdued color pattern is a hallmark of modern design, pops of intense accent color keep it from being lifeless. Red and orange are particularly popular as accents, although any favorite color can play the part. Just take a look at how the shots of color illuminate this otherwise white room from Causa Style Group.

Modern Versatility

Modern style is versatile enough to deal with just about anyone’s needs. Produce a bed room that works for you; after all, functionality is a basic style of modernism. Madison Modern Home integrated a little workspace in this modern-day bed room.

Included Interest

Despite the easy lines, neutral colors, and absence of devices in the normal modern-day bedroom, the look isn’t at all uninteresting or sterilized. Simply one special touch, such as the dandelion light in this space, is all it requires to include interest.

Open and Airy

The modern-day style is not one for mess or lots of furnishings. Instead, an open, airy ambiance adds to the overall clean and easy look.

Refined Surface areas

For the many part, surface areas in a modern room are smooth and typically glossy. Refined floors, lacquered or extremely sleek furniture, accents of metal– specifically chrome– and glass all contribute to the tidy, contemporary vibe. This contemporary attic bedroom by interior designer Stanislav Ermolenko is a gorgeous example.

A Show of Character

Whatever your decorating design, do not hesitate to have some fun including your own touches to the mix. In this lovely midcentury modern-day bed room from Kimball Starr Interior Design, the owner’s African painted masks include color, pattern, and a big dosage of personality to the space.

Natural Light

Midcentury modern houses usually have big windows and a lot of natural light. Basic drapes or tones supply privacy without obstructing the sunlight or adding visual mess to the area.

Tranquil Modern Design

The soft colors, basic lines, and absence of clutter provide the modern-day design a calming, unwinded vibe, making it an excellent option for the bedroom.

Angular Light Fixtures

Although midcentury contemporary style is mainly clean and without extreme ornamentation, one exception to that rule is making use of angular or uncommon lighting fixtures, particularly “atomic” styled components, as seen in the beachy modern-day bed room from Amy Lau Design shown here.

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